General Dermatology


 … (Greek derma), is the largest and the most versatile functional organ of the human body. It provides protection against injury and regulates body temperature and moisture. It allows us the sensation of heat, cold and pain. The appearance of the skin allows conclusions about the age and mental condition as well as character traits: the skin as a “mirror of the soul”. But also internal diseases can be as it were “visible” through the skin.

The skin as a covering of the body is constantly exposed to various stresses and environmental influences. Accordingly, it is necessary to maintain its ability to regenerate and its natural defense mechanisms and support it.


is the branch of medicine that deals with skin diseases. In addition, Dermatology covers the range of Venereology, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Often the high suffering of people with skin diseases is underestimated. Not infrequently, acute and chronic skin patients are faced with contagion fears and stigma experiences through their environment. Here, the attribute of the skin as a visible organ of the body plays a major role.

Our area of ​​expertise includes the study, diagnosis, treatment, pre- and after-care of acute and chronic skin, hair and nail diseases. For this, we can offer you a variety of modern diagnostic methods, devices, therapies and especially the know-how.

However, the treatment always represents a common path; without your consent, cooperation and motivation the chances of success are usually low!