Wart treatment with wIRA

Adobestock 563523281The specially filtered infrared light treatment is an advanced method to effectively and specifically combat stubborn warts at the root. If conventional therapies do not bring the desired result, this innovative technology offers a promising alternative.

The wIRA radiation penetrates deep into the skin, activates blood circulation and promotes the natural healing process. Controlled infrared rays are used to bring pleasant and gentle warmth to the affected area. This helps treat the warts effectively without damaging healthy tissue.

Each treatment session lasts approximately 20-30 minutes and occurs at regular intervals. Typically 8-12 sessions are required to achieve optimal results. The specially filtered infrared light treatment aims to specifically influence the warts and minimize their return.

Rely on progress and effectiveness in wart treatment. Book your treatment series today and look forward to a targeted solution for stubborn warts – for smooth and healthy skin.

This treatment method is currently not covered by statutory health insurance and is therefore billed as an individual health service (IGeL) in accordance with the official fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ). The total cost of therapy varies depending on the severity of the wart infestation.

For patients who are insured with private health insurance, the costs are usually covered in full.

To determine the optimal treatment method for your individual case and to discuss the expected costs, we recommend that you contact us. We are at your disposal to advise you about this innovative treatment method.