Laser therapy

LASER: „Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation“

You suffer from disturbing “warts” in the facial area, stalked warts on the upper body or small veins on the cheeks and you would be happy to get them removed? These and many other skin changes can now be treated with various laser systems. The use of such systems has become indispensable in modern dermatology. Various treatments may hereby be gentle to the skin, without development of scars and almost painless, or if necessary in local anesthesia.

We work with modern laser systems “Made in Germany” by the company Asclepion Jena.


Sublime and disturbing skin lesions, such as “warts” or fibromas in the face as well as at other locations can be removed straightforwardly and gently to the skin with the Erbium Yag laser .

The lesions are usually removed under local anesthesia. Instead of an injection (syringe) a numbing ointment can optionally be used prior to the treatment. The resulting wound after treatment is similar to a small graze, encrusted and need not be sewn.

Vascular laser Quadrostar Yellow

The QuadroStar PRO YELLOW has been designed for the treatment of vascular problems such as rosacea (broad, visible facial veins), spider nevi, hemangiomas and telangiectasias. Thanks to the selective wavelength of 577nm it is on the absorption maximum of blood absorption and thus represents the gold standard for vascular treatments.

Pigmented disorders can also be treated therewith as the so-called “age spots”. It provides a fast, effective and safe treatment with minimal side effects. A local anesthetic beforehand is not usually required.

Depending on the indication repetitions of laser treatment may be needed, usually every 4 to 6 weeks, until the complete removal of the lesion (s).

All units of our practice are regularly safety checked and maintained.

Our range is constantly expanding. Further laser systems are planned in the near future. You are welcome to help us by filling out your wishes, for example, in the corresponding questionnaires in practice.

CAVE: Please note that, regardless of the type of laser treatment, the skin is then sensitive to the sun and that a sunscreen preparation with high UV filter (SPF 50+) should be used for several weeks.

The statutory health insurance does not cover laser treatment in most cases.